Workflow Automation

Work smarter, not harder

Accounting data automatically flows from operators to their partners or owners through EnergyLink with the use of its unique, sophisticated, and flexible master file code mapping features. Use less paper and spend less time on manual data processing tasks.


In our ever-changing industry, it is critical that we work smarter and more efficiently. With EnergyLink, you can:

  • Reduce Waste - Significantly reduce or eliminate the time and cost of printing, collating, and mailing invoices/statements. Faster delivery and receipt of invoices in standardized formats means faster processing and payment by partners.
  • Save Time - With EnergyLink, there’s no need to spend time manually keying or manipulating data. The system provides the correct format for direct upload into your accounting system.
  • Create Custom Vouchers - Elegantly automated code mapping features enable the quick and easy creation of customized vouchers in a range of formats. Work that once took days now takes hours or just minutes, enabling you to spend more time doing critical analysis and verifying charges.
  • Dispute Online - View and analyze invoices prior to payment and create online disputes to be directed automatically to operator assigned contacts.
  • Do More With Less – EnergyLink is user friendly, cost-efficient and eliminates the threat of lost documents thanks to our secure central repository. Being cloud-based means minimal or no IT resources required and you can access your data anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Improve Business Decisions – EnergyLink helps improve the consistency and accuracy of your data, ultimately enabling more informed business decisions.


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