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More than a point-to-point data exchange

EnergyLink raises the standard for royalty data exchange with automated workflow, enhanced partner communications and data analytics.

Upload your operated royalty data into EnergyLink and send it electronically to your owners, significantly reducing the time and cost of printing, collating, and mailing. EnergyLink brings improved workflow to owner relations with our innovative messaging system and exclusive inquiry tracking system that automatically ties tickets to the correct owner/property.

Receive your non-operated royalty data electronically where you can map, analyze, and prepare your voucher data for direct upload into your accounting system. Our sophisticated code mapping helps you code all statement elements and mapping is retained to eliminate future coding efforts.

The end result? More accurate and consistent information that will help you do your job better and faster while greatly improving your owner relations.



  1. Operator uploads Royalty Statements to EnergyLink from Production Accounting System. Operator can validate totals, review backup, and add comments or attachments.
  2. Operator releases Royalty Statements to Owners who are notified of receipt. Owners can view and print detail along with ability to cross-reference and process detail directly into Accounting System.
  1. If necessary, Owners can create an inquiry to Operator via EnergyLink.
  2. EnergyLink routes inquiry to appropriate department and user for resolution, allowing for additional correspondence if needed.

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Operators significantly reduce their printing, collating, and mailing costs
  • Operators who provide electronic payments to owners can truly go paperless
  • No need to mail statements to registered owners
  • EnergyLink provides mail-out statement packages for unregistered owners, including instructions for activating their EnergyLink account
Owners automate their statement processing
  • Use our comprehensive code mapping to easily map payment detail with immense flexibility for direct upload into your accounting system – no data manipulation needed!
Enhanced communication
  • EnergyLink’s advanced messaging system allows operators and owners to correspond online at a statement or property level
  • Our intuitive inquiry tracking system lets you create tickets with built-in workflow for routing to the correct department and/or person
Data analysis
  • EnergyLink’s built-in trending screens, Excel reporting and dashboards provide the information you need to do your job better
Secure online repository for your data
  • Online access to backup and data - anytime, anywhere
  • Registered owners view and print statements for free with easy access to backup from all operators in one centralized location
  • Backup stored for 7 years (4 years for unregistered owners) with the option to store longer
Inquiry Tracking

Inquiry Tracking

A complete CRM solution for owner relations inquiries

EnergyLink’s inquiry tracking system is the only one of its kind available in the industry. Inquiries, logged by either the operator or owner, are tied directly to the correct statement or property. Custom built-in workflow such as priority, status, reassignment, and the ability to close or reopen will provide you with all the tools needed from a CRM solution.