Royalty Validator

Royalty Validator

Most E&P companies must perform two levels of royalty validation on lessor and GORR royalties received - one to determine if a royalty is owed the other to validate the royalty calculation.

EnergyLink can help. Since most operators use EnergyLink to deliver their royalty statements, our new Royalty Validator module can determine which properties are owed a royalty by automatically extracting data from your land system and the provincial registries and comparing it to operator royalty statement data in EnergyLink.

By linking royalty data in your land system with EnergyLink and bringing in monthly well production volumes from provincial registries, Royalty Validator can automatically determine missing royalty payments, and royalties received in error. Also, having royalty calculation data readily available in EnergyLink helps free up more accountant time to validate operator calculations.

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