Desk Audit


Like any other invoice, accountants need to perform two basic functions for non-op JIBs - verify the charges and process the invoice for payment. EnergyLink already helps automate the processing of the JIB with our sophisticated code mapping and automated voucher processing features. Now, EnergyLink can also help automate the verification of the JIB charges with our new Desk Audit module.

Non-op JIB charges need to be verified against internal contract details, generally contained in your land system. Since almost all operators use EnergyLink to deliver their JIBs, Desk Audit can link up to the contract details in your land system and automatically bring them into EnergyLink to verify non-op JIB charges.

By linking your land system data with EnergyLink, information such as working interest, well status and service agreement details can now be brought into EnergyLink along with well production data from the provincial registries. Automating these links brings significant efficiencies into the non-op JIB verification process and ensures that JV accountants have the most up to date information when validating JIBs.

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