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EnergyLink’s mission is to automate routine client tasks to free up more time to focus on complex analysis and other higher value tasks. With a renewed desire for efficiency in the energy industry there's an increasing need to automate processes and EnergyLink has several initiatives underway to help our clients extend their automation possibilities.

Over the years, EnergyLink has become a trusted data exchange for the oil and gas industry and has accumulated a very broad dataset as a result. In this new world of data driven decision making, we want to ensure the data continues to be secure but also accessible to our clients.

As companies look to further automate data related tasks, we want to ensure our platform satisfies their requirements. That is why we are further opening our system with industry standard and fully supported APIs for tasks such as:

  • Automated mapping
  • Rule-based disputing
  • Data analysis prior to voucher creation
  • Voucher automation that includes backup (already in use by many clients)
  • Advanced analysis and reporting

EnergyLink’s industry standard APIs are backed by years of experience in process automation and joint venture processes. They are fully supported and backwards compatible through periodic patch releases and upgrades. Other methods of accessing EnergyLink data (e.g. screen scraping BOTs) will not have these benefits.

Contact us to learn more about EnergyLink’s industry standard APIs.


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