An Industry Solution for Automation

The oil and gas industry is being challenged to be more productive while continuing to grow more complex. The best way to keep pace with this challenge is to apply the right technologies to improve current processes.

A few of the newest trends in technology - artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, smart contracts and Blockchain - have received much publicity lately for improving productivity in the workplace. While these technologies might seem quite new with all the recent publicity, they have actually evolved over many years and will ultimately play a key role in improving workflow processes. It is important that companies have a good understanding of how all of this new technology will interact with their current systems.

The Right Technology

Traditional system programming makes decisions based on a set of defined rules (rule driven decision making). Where there are no defined rules, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make decisions (predictions actually) by interpreting available data (data driven decision making), essentially mimicking human cognitive functions such as “learning” and “problem solving”. Robotic process automation is based on the notion of AI workers. Smart contracts are less about contracts and more about the transactions or workflows resulting from those contracts that can be performed by software. This is often Blockchain technology, but it doesn’t need to be.

While the new trends can seem quite revolutionary, they can be applied in a more evolutionary manner to better help people adapt and improve their own productivity.

The Red Dog Approach

Red Dog Systems Inc. was established specifically to help improve joint interest and royalty owner processes in the oil and gas industry by taking an evolutionary approach to technical advancement. Our people-driven solutions have helped transform industry processes for nearly two decades by automating routine transactions and workflows (e.g. coding and analysis) to free up more people time to focus on non-routine activities (e.g. complex coding and analysis).

Rather than building customized solutions for each (not economical), our focus is to build innovative, cloud-based industry solutions for all (much more economical):

  • EnergyLink allows companies to automate most of the routine coding, giving accountants more time to verify the charges. EnergyLink’s new Desk Audit and Royalty Validator modules now allow companies to automate much of the routine verification of the charges, freeing up even more time to focus on exceptions (non-routine). We have also added a new API module to streamline the extraction of data from EnergyLink.
  • AFELink is a smart contract application and the only solution available in the industry for automating the delivery and tracking of AFEs and Mail Ballots to partners. AFELink provides an online gateway between operator and partner AFE systems to manage partner approvals for AFEs and Mail Ballots, helping to improve productivity and reduce billing errors.

Red Dog Systems is dedicated to finding new ways to help companies improve productivity that ultimately makes them more effective and competitive. We are continually working with our clients and other vendors to automate joint venture processes. For more information contact us at support@energylink.com or visit us at www.energylink.com.