Position: Web Nerd Extraordinaire – Calgary, AB

EnergyLink is a crew of smart and driven people who take pride in creating simple, elegant solutions to tough problems facing the energy industry. We believe in empowerment and trust and support our people in creating the work environment that lets them do their best work. The lion’s share of our company is owned by people who contribute to our success every day. We have a profit share model that makes us think like owners and we all act accordingly. We don’t work for corporate overlords; we work for each other. We succeed as a team and when the team wins, we all win.

We don’t punch out until we are proud of what we’ve accomplished. We value hard work but fun is our middle name. We like: travel, team hockey games and drinks served by a mythical penguin. We believe work matters, so we do everything we can to create a productive work environment for smart people to do their best work. We don’t do titles, management or red tape because with the right people on the bus, rules only hold us back. This isn’t your regular 9-5.

You are a person who always puts team goals ahead of personal aspirations, has service in your blood and is looking for a place to do the best work of your career. We have a cult like culture that repels mediocre performers and attracts stars. If that makes you nervous you might want to go about your day. If it excites you, you may just have come to the right place. Send us a note and tell us why you are worth a conversation.

What you bring to the keyboard

  • HTML (Ya, we know it’s a given)
  • JQuery, CSS, Less/Sass
  • Bootstrap/Responsive design
  • ASP.NET MVC – and Web Forms
  • C#
  • IIS
  • Graphics n Stuff – no you don’t need an arts degree, just handle some day-to-day basics and be competitive in our office meme contest
  • SQL (Oracle) – well, we need you to be able to find what you’re looking for and modify basic code/data

Your work style (we’re not worried about how you dress, socks and sandals are ok by us, just want to get a few things straight)

  • You don’t tear down fences until you know why they were built in the first place
  • You design for your audience, not for yourself
  • You take pride in turning complex requirements into UIs your grandma could use, simple and intuitive
  • You’re a UX wizard – but you deliver your creativity as a finished product – not a napkin/whiteboard art project
  • You actually understand the internet – beyond the abstraction - at the protocol level
  • Large, successful, long-lived code bases come with their baggage – you embrace it and move forward
  • You’re obsessed with code quality but understand we are running a business – an entrepreneurial eye allows you to act like an owner and exercise judgement
  • You solve today’s problems first, tomorrow’s if time permits and but never the problems we won’t have
  • You breathe fresh air into our established team – but know how to compromise to work collaboratively
  • You have personal coding styles and conventions – but respect team standards over personal preference
  • You don’t just wait on design docs – your own expertise and a few domain experts can collaborate to create the perfect design
  • Maintainability and scalability are King (or queen, or Batman) – your code will be used by many and shared with others
  • You’re brilliant, but don’t flaunt it – humility is a different kind of super power
  • You’ve been around the block a few times but could call someplace home, maybe, well if it was perfect. Does such a place even exist?


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