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Automate delivery and tracking of AFEs and mail ballot packages

AFELink is the only product available to the industry that will help automate the delivery and tracking of your documents to partners along with mail ballot package creation. You and your partners will know the status of your joint venture AFEs and mail ballots immediately.

Real time management of AFEs

Fully featured mail ballot system



Operated AFE Demo

Click the link below to view a brief presentation on the basic functionality and benefits of AFELink.


Non-Op AFE Demo

In this demo, you will see how to receive AFEs from operators and how to respond immediately online – all with just a few clicks.


Operated Mail Ballot Demo

Click the link below for a demo of the mail ballot process including auto-generated documents (cover letter, results letter).


Non-Op Mail Ballot Demo

In this demo, see the simplicity AFELink provides for responding to an operator's mail ballot and receiving the results letter.




AFELink has reduced the time spent handling mail ballots by at least 50% (reduced from hours the manual way), down to minutes using AFELink and down to virtually seconds when all the partners are setup online. The more partners online, the more efficient AFELink becomes. I would encourage all companies out there to sign up, it's been one of the best and most simple things we've done to improve our business in Joint Ventures in years!

Pengrowth Energy Corporation

I absolutely love AFELink, it is so easy to use. The best part is that I don't have to keep track of all the paper.

We strongly believe that in addition to running their business, Red Dog Systems is committed to their clients. They are always available to help and accommodate a company's needs.

ConocoPhillips Canada

Compared to the old paper way, I just press a few buttons and I’m done. AFELink has added a lot of efficiencies.

Devon Canada

- Very short and seamless implementation process.
- 100% buy-in from all departments and individuals, which has enabled us to quickly establish new, as well as fine tune, existing AFE related procedures.
- Efficient and conducive to quick turnaround between operator and partners.
- Over time we will save substantial man power hours and other costs relating to communication and record keeping.

Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.

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